The Boy with Big, Big Feelings

The Boy with Big, Big Feelings has been such a helpful resource for my family and I can’t wait to share it with students of all ages.

I am a highly sensitive person who feels things DEEPLY, and it’s no surprise that I have a son who has BIG emotions too!

This book is a tool to open the dialogue of emotions. It made my inner-child glow knowing that it can help little bodies with big feelings feel validated while giving kids permission to feel the full spectrum of emotions.

We all get sad, happy, focused, angry. We can feel scared, thoughtful, courageous – all at the same time. The key to all of this is acknowledging the feeling, but not necessarily trying to change it- such a never-ending lifelong practice, especially for those of us who grew up being told that we should feel differently than we do, or not feeling safe to express ourselves.

I love that this book can help children learn early on that it’s ok to fully express themselves. What a beautiful world to live in if we all felt it was ok to share our authentic selves.

“But when someone he loves had a very hard day,

he’d feel he’d been over-equipped

to feel all their feelings as deeply as they,

which would quiver right out of his lip.”