Every Single Day You Make a Choice?

I saw this “inspirational” post flying around a few years back.

I was in the thick of panic attacks and depression and it instantly made me sick to my stomach. I thought, “where is the compassion? I can’t just wake up, snap my fingers, and magically have positive thoughts.”

I’m sure the people sharing or liking it had never experienced mental health struggles before.

I had been wanting to create a blog post about it BADLY but didn’t know where to start.

Then, my dear friend sent me a photo that @Meccamozelle created. Art in true form. No words are needed.

I hope that we can all hold each other a little tighter and give extra love and grace. Often times we have no idea what people are going through and what resources they do/do not have access to.

I believe when we move toward our fear, grief, shame, guilt, it can help us learn how to be in relationship with these qualities.

This can create a deeper understanding and appreciation for all of us on our human journey; keeping us both humble and connected to humanity.

The wound is the gift.