Balancing the Nervous System

When we transition into a new season, especially with fluctuations in weather, it may cause imbalances in the body and/or mind. A reminder (to myself too) that we can feel more than one emotion at once. Grateful and overwhelmed. Angry and empathetic.
We all have a different rhythm, different needs, and do things at different paces. The tool below is for all ages when we are feeling ‘swirly’ or unbalanced.
Finding movements that help bring the body and mind into balance can help with racing thoughts. When we slow down the body and layer in some deep breathing we can shift our mindset and increase focus.
This intentional movement is simple and effective, especially if you find that your mind is moving quickly and need to regroup.
Flamingo Fun~
Bring both feet to the earth –
Hands on hips or up toward the sky
Root down through your right foot
Slowly lift the left knee
Take 5 deep breaths
Back to mountain (feet on the earth, arms by the side) then switch sides
Intentional movement allows us to take a break from everyday challenges and responsibilities. It helps emotions move through our bodies and provides an outlet for self-expression.
We created a series of 5-minute videos designed to calm the body and mind using intentional movement.
More information here.