Lifelong Tools to Build Resilience

Learning healthy coping skills can be fun, playful and light-hearted with our evidence-based curriculum.

Energize, Relax, Play, Connect

Using a play and evidence-based approach, we share a blend of mind/body tools designed to soothe the nervous system. Using deep breathing, music, mindfulness, yoga postures, cooperative games, and guided imagery, children create their own unique toolbox of stress resilience strategies to use in daily life- all while having fun!

Choose from:

  • 10-week session
  • Year-long programming
  • Private classes

Offered in schools, hospitals, youth organizations, homes and mental health facilities.

10-Week Curriculum

  1. Relationship building
  2. How to nurture body & mind
  3. Belly/diaphragmatic breathing
  4. Lengthening the exhale to self-soothe
  5. Responding vs reacting
  6. Gratitude as a self-care practice
  7. Self-compassion
  8. Positive growth mindset
  9. Tools for anger and overwhelm
  10. Empowering students through leadership and reflection

Evidence-Based Programming

For three years we worked with the Denver Afterschool Alliance (DAA) and their Quality Counts system to engage in a continuous quality improvement process.

The process of improvement involved data collection using the Weikart Center‘s Program Quality Assessment (PQA). One key takeaway from our engagement with the DAA was the development of an evidence-based program and curriculum rooted in promising practices of youth development as defined by the Weikart Center’s PQA.


Grateful to collaborate with:

Boys and Girls Club of Metro Denver

Learning Works

Boys and Girls Club South Portland

Ricks Center for the Gifted

Denver Public Schools

Portland Public Schools

Temple Sinai

Stanley British Primary

Big Brothers Big Sisters

Denver Metro YMCA

Girl Scouts of Colorado

Montview Preschool

Highlands Academy

Denver Jewish Day

University of Maryland Medical School

AnyThink Libraries

Cherry Creek Country Club

Colfax Community Center

Radiant Beginnings in Action

It makes me feel calm, safe and happy to be where I am.


Build resilience and reduce anxiety with a joyful approach.