About Radiant Beginnings

We are comprised of playful and compassionate educators. Since 2010, we’ve been teaching youth and caregivers life-long skills to manage big emotions, together.

By increasing self-awareness and learning to self-soothe, children are equipped with lifelong skills to build resilience.

We offer classes, trainings and our subscription video curriculum.

Our Beliefs

  1. Children thrive in spaces where they feel a sense of belonging and feel safe to express their authentic selves.
  2. All children deserve to be equipped with healthy coping skills to navigate the twists and turns life brings their way.
  3. There is no one-size-fits-all solution to managing big emotions. When we learn different strategies, we can choose those what work best for our unique bodies and minds.
  4. Children are innately mindful, curious & playful and offer incredible insight and wisdom.


  • Fun- We love teaching and having fun alongside our students
  • Compassion– We are committed to helping drive change and support the path to healing for children and their caregivers
  • Authenticity– We accept our students exactly the way they are and show up honest and open.
  • Inclusivity– All races, ethnicities, gender identities, sexual orientations, abilities and learning styles have been and always will be welcome
  • Quality– We are consistently learning and implementing new strategies and tools to best serve our students where they are at


Radiant Beginnings’ programs are fun and relaxing, and also data-driven.


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The classes for our special education students has been marvelous. The students have enjoyed the class tremendously, all of the students feel like the yoga class has helped them relax and become more focused during the day. They also expressed feeling like the class has helped them become stronger. Some favorite moments in the class have been the relaxation phase. From the perspective of the teachers it has been a great way for us to bond with our students and also has helped us to focus and become more relax when we just need a break from teaching to do something fun!
Mrs. Keel, Special Education teacher at Hamilton Middle School

Yoga is a savior for classroom management! I started implementing yoga strategies into my classroom a year ago and noticed a difference in how children respond to conflict. I took Radiant Beginnings training and have been implementing strategies I learned from this class into my classroom daily.

Nina, 4th grade teacher at Chavez Elementary

I had several ‘aha’ moments. I’ve been teaching ECE for 20 years and it’s so nice to learn new things to do with my kiddos! Thank You!

Teacher, at The Village Child Development Center

I have to admit that I wasn’t excited about our training–my past experiences with yoga were not calming. After your training, I am very excited to bring yoga to our students at the library.

Librarian, AnyThink
Thank you again for coming to Greenwood for Yoga!! We were so happy you were able to see all three of our Kindergarten Enrichment groups at Greenwood. We are now using Yoga in our everyday classroom for classroom management and calming kindies coming in from recess and before work starts!. Yoga has given us a new “tool” in our bag for brain breaks and classroom discipline!
Margie Costello, Kindergarten teacher at Greenwood Elementary School

Julie is a phenomenal teacher. She taught a session of weekly yoga classes to my busy first grade class, and the kids absolutely loved it. The flow of her class kept their attention and they learned mindfulness strategies they could use throughout their day. Julie’s trauma-informed teaching background is evident, as is her love of children and yoga.

Emily, Reiche Elementary Portland ME