Anxiety relief for both young person and adult

The shoe that fits one person pinches another;
there is no recipe for living that suits all cases.”

– Carl Jung


Sending love as we move into Fall.

Transitioning into a new season, whether it be an actual new season or a new season of life can feel overwhelming.

This blog shares 3 simple and effective tips to soothe body and mind for both adult and young person to practice together (Ages 3+).

When we practice calming the nervous system with the young people in our lives it provides safety and stability. This creates a space where everyone can experience emotional relief.
When we are experiencing BIG EMOTIONS it is extremely difficult to think rationally or problem solve.
The coping skills below can help relieve some distress so we can think more clearly and provide a deeper connection to self and others.

When we practice during calm moments it helps build our toolkit so when emotions are high, we have better access to them

If you are working with one child or 30+ these practices are targeted to calm body and mind for all.

Just like most things in life, what works for one person may not work for another. 

The best healthy coping skills are those that work for your beautifully unique body and mind.



One hand to the heart and the other to the stomach or

One hand to the stomach and the other to the back of the neck

slowwwwww breath in through the nose for 4,3,2,1 exhale and empty all the air out through the mouth (3x)

*Unless stuffed up, encourage the inhale through the nose




Temple Rub: Put pointer and middle finger together, like a closed peace sign. Put gentle pressure on the temples with slow steady circles.

Shoulder Massage: Pretend you are playing the piano on the shoulders with the amount of pressure that feels good for you. Bring all your attention to the sensation of your fingers on your shoulders/muscles.




Standing or sitting up nice and tall— Inhale arms up to the sky…exhale slowly bend down to tickle your toes. Bending knees as much as feels comfortable.

AKA Earth pose for 3-5 deep breaths. Perhaps opening and closing the mouth to relax the jaw, where tension tends to get stored.

Sending loads of love your way.

With Gratitude,


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Learning coping skills can be fun, playful, and light-hearted! Interested in collaborating?  Feel free to reply to this email, we’d love to hear from you!

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