Children’s Yoga & Mindfulness Training

20-HOUR Training Course

Our trainings welcome anyone who is interested in bringing healthy coping strategies to youth!

Using data-driven techniques, engaging lectures, hands-on learning, and group activities we help you craft your own style of teaching for ages 3-12.

All trainings offered by Radiant Beginnings are secular and appropriate for parents, educators, therapists, or anyone interested in bringing coping skills to children through yoga and mindfulness.

A comprehensive 60-page manual is included to help support you during and after the training along with a certificate of completion.

We hold a Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider (YACEP®) designation. This training certificate qualifies for Yoga Alliance CE hours.



Kids Yoga and Mindfulness Training

$385$per person
  • 20-hour course
  • Ideal for educators, parents, social workers, yoga instructors and anyone who works with children ages 3-12

Practical Tools for Stress and Anxiety

  • 2-hour Workshop
  • Ideal for anyone who has children or works with children ages 3 to 12 years




*Content expands beyond the list below. Each cohort brings its own flavor which is where a lot of the magic and fun happens 🙂

  • Deep breathing exercises
  • Partner poses
  • Brain games
  • Guided Imagery/relaxation scripts
  • Lesson plan structure along with sample plans
  • Lesson plan themes
  • Positive behavior management
  • Mindfulness + mindfulness activities
  • Brain function and how to teach children about the brain
  • How trauma affects the brain & body
  • Prop ideas
  • Teaching practice
  • How to create a peaceful environment
  • Theming
  • Safety Precautions
  • Attunement & co-regulation
  • Culturally responsive teaching
  • Community builders
  • Educating the whole child
  • Creating a physical and emotionally safe environment
  • Creating routines and consistency for successful classes


  • How to help children connect to their bodies and minds and regulate their emotions in a child-friendly way.
  • How to develop a toolkit for stress resilience, self-awareness, anxiety relief, and coping strategies.
  • Understand and provide compassionate behavior management + community building to ensure classes/practices are inclusive of all bodies and minds.
  • Create developmentally-appropriate lessons geared toward children’s social, emotional, and physical needs.
Course Outline


Each session includes mock classes, break out sessions, and space to share + ask questions

Time commitment

Friday: 2.5 hours
Saturday: 6 hours
Sunday: 6 hours

3.5 hours of pre-class assignments
2 hours of lesson planning and practicum

Friday Evening

Introduction and connection

Creating a safe space for each other and our students

Developmental considerations and group discussion from preassigned coursework


Breathing techniques and postures
Child-friendly breathing techniques and postures to help calm, focus and energize

Mindfulness + Tools to calm body and mind
Introduction to mindfulness + tools to use the five senses to bring students into the present moment

Yoga pose cueing, mindset & developing a lesson plan
How to cue poses in a child-friendly way, affirmations, and lesson plan structure unique to each participant


Trauma & Brain
What to keep in mind to lead from a trauma-informed perspective + what happens to our brain when we are experiencing big emotions—how to get our ‘thinking brain’ back on track.

Behavior Management
Positive behavior management strategies

FUN cooperative games and mind/body games to enhance connection and soothe body/mind

Practicum + Celebration
practice teaching with feedback, end of training celebration, and takeaways.

Articles and discussion topics include:

*Inspiring learning through non-violent communication

*Negativity Bias

*When misbehavior is a trauma response

*The importance of movement for building resilience

*Culturally Responsive Teaching


“This training provided me with a tangible skill set that I can use in my classes and in daily life.“-Sheldan

“I have just completed the 20-hour kids teacher training course with Radiant Beginnings yoga and I cannot recommend this highly enough!! The course content is excellent and vastly exceeded my expectations. It is informative, engaging, and offers a very strong foundation, not only in the physical aspects of yoga and mindfulness, but also in exploring the transformative benefits these practices have on brain development, self-regulation, and neurological rewiring following traumatic experiences and toxic stress. Julie and Jenny are amazing and complement each other perfectly. This course is definitely a MUST if you are interested in sharing the wonders of yoga and mindfulness with kids!” -Nicole

“I feel like I gained a library of fun breathing techniques, poses, games, and activities that kids will really love. I gained practical information that I could actually use in my classroom!”-James

This training focuses on how to help children develop a toolkit for big emotions. Great for those who’d like to teach for an hour, 5- minutes or use the tools to enhance your household/offerings.

Community and connection to self and others are emphasized using a trauma-informed and play-based approach. Trainees are empowered to find their unique voice and to teach in a style that feels most authentic to their purpose and passion.

Help support attention, compassion, emotional-regulation, and resilience in children and those who care for them.

*We offer a limited amount of scholarships for each training. Please send us an email if you would like to apply.

Cancellations of fully paid registration will be given, less a $50 processing fee, 2 weeks or more before training. No refunds or credits will be issued within two weeks of training.

*A portion of training sales will go toward The Gathering Place or Florence House.

Dates: Fall dates coming soon
Price: $385 Early Bird / $425 Full Price
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2-Hour Workshops


Practical tools for stress and anxiety

In this self-care infused training, we will share simple and effective mind/body techniques proven to calm, enhance focus, and cultivate compassion for self and others. Exploring how the practices of deep breathing, mindfulness, and guided imagery affect the body and mind and how to adapt them in a time-sensitive and child-friendly way.

This training can be adapted to serve all ages.

After this workshop, you will be equipped with:

  • Child-friendly breathing techniques that are effective and fun!
  • Youth yoga poses & embodiment practices designed to enhance focus and encourage relaxation
  • Trauma-informed mindful activities that can be integrated into the daily routine
  • An understanding of how the brain and emotions are deeply connected
  • Connection with a like-minded community and support
4-Hour Workshop Option

The same workshop as the 2-hour option, but with an additional 2-hour follow-up session. Available for organizations who wish to train staff on how to bring these mindfulness tools into their facilities. Counts toward CE credits!

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I took the kids to the Health Exhibit at the Denver Nature and Science Museum. Brendan was so cute and utilized his yoga, breathing, and relaxation skills to move the ball with the mind demonstration there. He was so cute and knew just how to focus himself in a calm, relaxed way to move the ball. Thanks to you and Yoga, he is finding practical ways to utilize a calm centered existence. I love it!!

Speaking of grateful…I need to thank YOU for doing such a wonderful job with the kids! Thank you — not just for teaching Molly some wonderful poses and encouraging her to take the time and space to find her focus and inner peace. Thank you most of all for giving Molly a new way to express her innate kindness and love for others. I have a feeling that she and I will continue to benefit from her sessions with you for a long time to come.

Madison said yoga is relaxing and helps her soothe her soul. We have also noticed a great improvement in Madison’s ice skating, her sit spin has greatly improved, due to the ability to find her center or solar plexus. The growth has been a lot of fun for me to watch, and has inspired Madison. Thanks for all you do.Maddie adores you and loves your class.

Powerful Perspectives

Dates: Coming Soon
Location: Zoom. Instructions for joining will be emailed to you
Price: $40 per person for 2-hour workshops
4-hour offered to organizations at a group rate. Contact us for a quote

No workshops are currently scheduled. Please contact us to get on our mailing list so we can notify you when workshops are open for registration.

Our program helps individuals develop life-long coping skills. We empower our students to create practical strategies that they can bring into their everyday lives.