Private Classes

Using our evidence-based curriculum as a guide, we weave in specific practices that best support your child and their goals for the session. Each class empowers youth with a tool to takeaway and integrate into daily life.

Private classes are great for:

  • Children looking for tools to manage stress, anxiety, or anger
  • Child and teen athletes who need to create routines to increase flexibility, core strength, and balance in the body.
  • Children with ADHD or other special needs
  • Families looking for ways to create simple home practices to bring mindfulness and yoga into their family routines.
  • A group of friends who would like to have a weekly class together


Private Classes

  • $125 per hour for 1-5 people

Private Group Classes

  • Group of 6 or more: $25 per person

Interested in getting more information or setting up a session?

Email [email protected]