Toddler/PreK Peaceful Bodies

Happy March!

  This month we will be working on peaceful bodies during relaxation. I will be bringing in battery operated candles that they can place on their tummies. I will encourage the children to breathe into their tummies and watch the candle rise and fall with their breath. I say, “please show me your peaceful bodies—” they love relaxation time. I put on soothing music and give back/tummy rubs to help calm the body/mind.  I use visualizations (imaginary stories) that help the children dive deeper into relaxation.

   We will be imagining that we are flying on a magic carpet. I will have them whisper in their magic carpet’s ear where they would like to go. We will then explore our special places as we release tension in the body.

    The preschoolers will be working on side plank this month. This is a terrific pose to build whole body strength. If the students feel strong with the breath flowing, they can lift a leg and balance for 5 seconds.   The toddlers will be working on partner ‘hands to hands.’ I will have them partner up and touch hands like a high 5. Then, on an inhale they will bring their hands up and on an exhale their hands will come down. This is great for social skills and collaboration.

    Looking forward to some challenges mixed with some relaxation this month!