Special Needs Integration

In partnership with Cherrelyn Elementary of Englewood Public Schools, Radiant Beginnings has implemented a pilot program to teach self-regulation and relaxation to students with special needs, particularly students affected by autism spectrum disorders. Additionally, this program incorporates activities to address the sensory needs that are common amongst children with ASD.

The group is led by a Radiant Beginnings instructor with support from the school psychologist and a speech language pathologist. Within the school environment, it is imperative for educational professionals to facilitate engagement in meaningful activities and improve academic performance. To help contribute to this shared vision, the pilot program utilizes yoga as a vehicle to promote self-regulation, mindfulness, and appropriate peer interactions in a way that is readily available, cost effective, and person-centered.

Since the beginning of January, Radiant Beginnings has built upon the work of the staff at Cherrelyn Elementary to engage the students in meaningful activities with the aim of improving their classroom performance and overall well-being. Based off of the testimonials of general education classroom teachers, students who are participating in this group are showing improvements in their ability to apply relaxation strategies within the classroom and are demonstrating improved self-confidence. As the program progresses this spring, we hope to continue to see improvements and tailor the activities to best suit the needs of the students.