I never want to let go of you.

I went to go teach at class at Belleview Elementary School where I integrate mindfulness and stress management into the Kindergarten curriculum. As I was unpacking all of my yoga tools I had one of my students come up to me, give me a huge hug that lasted about 20 seconds and said, “I never want to let go of you.” My heart melted and I am pretty sure it exploded into a million and one pieces too! It was something I will remember for the rest of my life. I know this child thoroughly benefits from the mindful movement, breath and relaxation to the point of him NEEDing it, probably more often than when he has it in class.

I will figure out how we can integrate Radiant Beginnings into all schools regardless of the location or socio economic status. I am determined to teach children the importance of integrating breath and mindfulness into their everyday life, so that it doesn’t just reach children who can afford after school enrichment. It. Is. Time.