I just left a class where Mexico was the theme. Each class I am given the theme in the curriculum and I get to  intergrate yoga-based stress management skills into the class theme.  The current grade I am working with is kindergarten.  I throughly enjoy this class the two days a month I get with them.
    Today was a day I will always remember. I got a beautiful creative visualization online that targeted letting go of your worries and fears. Each step you climb you feel lighter and stronger. I am not going to go into much detail about the guided imagery, instead I will talk about what happened after my class.
    Each time I go I am teaching in front of 3 teachers. One in particular always joins us for relaxation at the end. SCHOOL TEACHERS NEED THIS TOO! Today I noticed that she got up before it ended (it was a longer one than usual, probably 5 -6 mins). I saw her after class when the kids went to lunch and I asked her if she was able to imagine it.
    She looked at me with tears in her eyes and said, “you have no idea what buttons that pressed.” Then immediately gave me a hug. I wanted to start crying with her- it was such a raw feeling I could pick up on. I gave her a hug and said don’t be afraid to let those emotions flow through you. She said, “you have done your job today.” I wanted to start balling immediately. I felt my heart explode and soften at the same time.
   This “yoga” stuff we do is not to be taken lightly. The ability to quiet the mind enough to really feel and understand what is going on is something that we need! This fast paced life leaves us little room to stop, qiet, breathe and relfect. I think that is just what happened. Her body was letting go. If kids can empower themselves to prove that they have the power to self sooth, then my mission and purpose and life is working. I truly believe that whether you are 5 or 50, breakthroughs are always possible.