Respond vs. React

What is the difference between responding and reacting? 

To react is to be guided by emotion. We let emotion without reason drive us forward and can lose control.

When we respond, it contains reasoning. Responding is guided less by emotion and more by logic. 
This theme has been prevalent in our classes this month. We practice this concept of being mindful on our mats so that when a situation arises in our life we have the tools to effectively take care of it. When something triggers us and we want to react,  we ask ourselves, “is it kind? Is it helpful?” 

This month we have been breaking down this concept into bite size pieces for our students of all ages.
Before you react…

BREATHE (huge inhale)
THINK – “Is it kind? Is it helpful?”

Tip for home: When you feel yourself about to react… Stop, breath, think and then respond. This can all happen in less than 5 seconds.
We believe that communication can be more productive with greater integrity using this tool. Give it a try