Vulnerability breeds courage

I am reading “Daring Greatly” By Brene Brown and am consistently blown away by the power of what she writes. Everything is so simple, yet so complex around the ideas of taking off your guard and your mask and allowing yourself to be your true authentic self.

This for me is what Yoga teaches. How we shed layers of ourself to get to the core. This reminds me what we hope to have our students take home with them. Boiling everything down to the term “Empowerment.” It is my mission and path in life to empower children ESPECIALLY in situations where they feel so powerless. When they are sad, frustrated, angry etc. To be able to think about their tool kit for stress management and pick a tool that works best for them. To be able to speak from a place of heart instead of fear/anxiety. 

Sometimes I get caught up in figuring out what Radiant Beginnings is and how exactly to define it in a way that makes the most sense. The ideas keep unveiling themselves as I dig deeper into who I authentically am, and why I am put on this earth. I think we are getting closer to the core as I become more in tune with what my heart and soul are singing. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Being more vulnerable is my intention for the upcoming forever 🙂 The more courageous I can be, the more the children will benefit. I am certain of this.

Using yoga as the vehicle, Radiant Beginnings gives children and teens a practical, tangible set of tools for managing life’s inevitable challenges.