living through the human experience in each class

I’ve been in and out of over 30 schools. All of them come unique with their own experience and vibe that the school gives off.

   Emily Griffith has been the school that I have found to be the most impactful. Bringing a ‘fitness for life class’ AKA “yoga” five credit elective into this school has been something that I will always hold close to my heart. In fact, it has been the most inspiring, heart felt experience of my life thus far. 

   One student walked in and said that he had a life changing experience over the weekend.. “What happened? I asked” “I found out that I was going to be a dad” the 18 year young student explained. “oh, wow… How are you feeling?” “Did you cry when you found out” “This is the best place for you to be right now.” Only words that came to my mind quickly came out of my mouth and I just hoped that I handled it appropriately. 

   I try my best to create a space for students to be authentic. To be real. To live through the human experience in class. Letting go of what doesn’t serve them and bringing into their lives what makes them be the best version of themselves. 

    In this space things happen. Like parenthood, like diseases, like getting kicked out of your grandparents home to be left with nothing, like finding out who they truly are to get to the core of who they want to be- to be empowered to be authentic. To tap into this knowing that they are different and they do deserve another chance.

    I shine brightly by thinking of the transformation we have seen in our students over the past 10 weeks. I never thought my job would be working with High School students. I have found that this age has the capacity to truly make SHIFTS that others ages may have a harder time doing. These shifts involve bringing tools for stress management and empowerment into their daily lives, to effect themselves and others so that they can shine brightly. This shift occurs when they understand what they have been through, or what they are going though to come out on top. To make choices that impact them and their community in a way that will make this world a better place.