“My house life is so stressful and yoga is my new favorite hobby.”

The Question: How has yoga helped you in your life? The Answer from one of our High School students:

“Since I started yoga I have noticed my stress level come down. When I’m in this class I’m happy, I smile, laugh and learn new awesome things. I can connect with my classmates through this class. Not only physical stuff, but the conversations we have too. If I am not in too good of a mood yoga calms me. The little physical activity makes me feel better and more confident. My house life is so stressful and yoga is my new favorite hobby. It is my get away, my hobby in my free time and I love it more and more everyday. Thank you guys so so much, it means a lot to me. I fell in love with yoga.”

Every time I teach at Emily Griffith High School I leave with a feeling of deep satisfaction, knowing that the breath, mindful movement and stress management tecniques are helping them! These students are coming to school after dropping out of High School previously. There home lives can be very stressful and what they are dealing with is never known, but what we do know is that yoga is helping them cope in all areas of their lives. One students said that when she goes to yoga class she attends more of her afternoon classes. We focus on the stress management aspect in every class so that they have transferable tools to take with them off the mat and into the world.