‘I taught my friends at my sleepover party when we were scared!’

I was teaching a class at Carson Elementary School like I do every Wednesday morning. They have yoga from 8:00-8:50 and then begin their school day. I feel extremely grateful to have this group of students! Some of them have been with me for five years straight! Imagine that? 

Yesterday when I was tying one of my students shoes, I had her sister say to me, “Miss Julie, can we do planting a garden next week in class?” My response being, “Of course! I love that one!” Planting a garden is when the students partner up and take turns ‘planting a garden’ on their partners back. It involves attention, imagination and of course, relaxation. It’s basically like someone giving you a soft back scratch.

This student proceeded to tell me that she was at a sleepover birthday party last weekend and all the girls got scared so she taught them “planting a garden.” She said that they weren’t as scared after that activity. My face lit up!! When students tell us that they use the tools we offer- outside of class it makes my heart sing! This is the very reason why I started Radiant Beginnings… To be able to share the tools I wish I learned as an anxious child/teen with the next generation.