Peaceful thoughts, words and actions as we move into 2014!

The way we end each of our classes is with Peaceful thoughts (we put our hands over our head) Peaceful words (we cup our hands toward our mouth) and Peaceful actions (we put our hands over our heart)

    This has been very effective with the children as we remind them what peaceful actions are after each class. When we see children hitting, or saying mean things to each other, we remind them, ‘that is not a peaceful action.’  Encouraging children to take their yoga off of their ‘mat’ and into their lives is a big mission we hold dear to our heart. If we come in once a week and the things we teach them aren’t able to carry into their lives, what the point? We two biggest components of every class we can see carried out into their school day/home  is the breath and peaceful actions. We encourage you to remind them what a peaceful action is. Giving a hug, saying sorry, sharing, helping clean up. Something that could be looked at as small, but will carry out in a huge way as these little yogi’s grow up.