Beautiful words written by one of our trained Radiant Beginnings teachers. Nina is working at Chavez Elementary, teaching 4th grade and has noticed positive shifts happening in her classroom after implementing what she learned. Check it out!

“Yoga is a savior for classroom management! I started implementing yoga strategies into my classroom a year ago and noticed a difference in how children respond to conflict. I took Radiant Beginnings training and have been implementing strategies I learned from this class into my classroom daily. 

After teaching my students different breathing techniques and both individual, partner, and group yoga moves, my classroom has become a peaceful community where even the most severe emotional needs students are stopping to breathe, asking to use our “breathing ball” and going to their safe place in the classroom, rather than having outbursts. They ask each morning what we will be doing in yoga, excited to learn new moves and breathing techniques. 

Students are telling each other to get in child’s pose when they are upset or to remember our year long meditation quote. Through yoga, students are working as a team, learning to stay calm and express their feelings in positive ways. A true bond has formed between my students and I through our community circle, which focuses on positive image and yoga. Such a difference has been seen that my principal has asked Radiant Beginnings to do a Professional Development for the other teachers at my school.  I highly recommend Radiant Beginnings! 

-Nina, 4th grade teacher @ Chavez Elementary