Honoring Culture

I woke up at 3:00am and knew I needed to write my thoughts down. It was one of those spiritual moments where it feels like you are having an awakening. There has been a lot of discussion with Radiant Beginnings and how we can honor our students cultural backgrounds without pretending we know where they come from. Our mission is to create a safe container to let them express themselves verbally and physically. Anywho.. This is what came out of my brain at 3:00am the other night.

How can we figure out how to Give our students a voice to embrace their culture but at that same time create a container of respect to self and others.

We want to understand what they are going through and where they are coming from. If this is to happen strong boundaries and expectations need to be in place for the safety aspect.

You can’t walk into a room of different cultural backgrounds and expect to understand or pretend you know what they need. We need to hear from them and then weave the yoga into their lives.