High School Yoga

Today I had the privilege of teaching my students on this negative 1 degree day! Since the temps were so low, we had a very small class. After we practiced yoga for about 25 minutes I started having open conversations with them. What they were saying needed to be captured, so I decide to record them. Here are a few of their quotes.

“Yoga gives me a lot of energy for my next class. Before my yoga class I am really tired and my energy is stuck in one place, in class you can move it all around and get it flowing again so you are energized for your next class.”

“Breathing and not reacting are the two biggest take aways from class. Taking deep breaths through situations before I react.”

“Usually when I go home I am tried, exhausted and keep to myself. After doing yoga I went home and was excited for some reason, pumped up… blood was flowing and everything was good! After going to yoga a lot more I was like, “wow, I think this class is helping me with a lot of the stuff I needed to work on.””  Some of the breathing techniques helps me with just…life. You get mad at a situation, you do the slow calm inhale and exhale and everything is fine. It keep you on the right track, basically.”

“I was really stressed out with everything that was going on in my life. After these past months of doing yoga I feel energized, more focused on what I need to be focused on, happier, everything is just like falling into place. I think yoga is a big help, a major step in the role of which I am trying to overcome my self doubt. Yoga helps me see that there are better things that I can accomplish in my life. It helps you keep your mind on track.” 

“This class is so different than other traditional classes. The teachers make it more fun– gets us more involved in it! The more you do yoga the easier it gets!” 

“My mood changes after I do yoga. I could be sleepy, or grumpy, stomach hurting.. And when I go through yoga I feel relaxed, more awake, happier and it shows in my job. People notice how happy I am so they go to management and tell them how good I am doing at work. I even have several customers that come into work just to see me!” 

“I deep breathe before class. When I do this  I am more focused, I get more stuff done, I can get through assignments faster.”