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To our Radiant Beginnings and Roots up family and partners, Like you all, we're processing how to cope with the daily tide of changing events. While we seek answers and optimism,

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Do you do this?

Hello, I hope this finds you well! The other day I had the opportunity to look up at the clouds as they passed slowly overhead. I let myself get lost

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Immune System Support

Hello! I hope this finds you well. Ah, the wintertime! It seems we are consistently trying to keep our immune systems as healthy as possible. Here are a few tools

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Blank Mind…Enter Panic 

Today I was shopping with my one-year-old. He obviously loves shopping for coats (enter sarcastic tone) so we were having a blast together (more sarcasm). After trying a few on,

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Change + Offerings

Change I am used to getting REALLY anxious when a change is about to happen. Don't get me started about moving toward winter 🙂 I'm learning to figure out where

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The Pause Before Panic

Clenched jaw, shortness of breath, shoulders up by the ears and thoughts rapidly swirling in the mind. The feeling of a million butterflies plummeting to the bottom of your stomach.

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Shame + Anxiety

Hello! Have you ever been anxious, done something that you considered stupid then beat yourself up about it? Perhaps saying things like, "Wow, that was dumb" or "What an idiot!"

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