Soothing Overwhelm

Practical Tools to Calm

Getting overwhelmed doesn’t feel great.
Minds tend to race, jaw clenches, shoulders creep up toward the ears.
Breath is shallow and focus is fleeting.

If panic and overwhelm seem to be poking at you, feel free to give these tools a try:

Breathe~ When we lengthen our exhale we send a signal to the brain that everything is going to be ok.
Inhale deeply into the belly and exhale all the air out completely before taking in another breath. Try this 3-5 times to relax mind and body.

Mindful Moment~ When the mind is going a million miles per second we tend to be in the past or future. Bringing our attention to the present moment can calm our nervous systems and interrupt the cycle of racing thoughts.

Pause. Bring your attention to your feet. Maybe wiggle your feet in your shoes, lift the heels and root down through all four corners of your feet (two in the ball, two in the heel). Feel the earth beneath you as you bring all your attention to your feet and how they feel inside your shoes/socks.

This simple exercise is powerful because it brings your attention to the present moment and can interrupt racing thoughts, especially with practice. When we practice these tools consistently they have the power to change our brains and regulate our nervous system.

We have a training coming up at the end of the month that will share simple and powerful tools to help YOU and YOUTH calm the nervous system. We would love to see you there!

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