School-wide Assembly

Our video curricula is happening at Ocean Avenue Elementary School in Portland, Maine. The school social worker invited me in to connect with his multicultural group. He shared a story that one of the students started sharing an impromptu guided relaxation. He thought the student was joking around but was pleasantly surprised when the other students in the group started following along, breathing and imagining a peaceful place for their minds to go.


After hearing about this, I came in to work with the group. We were all excited to lead the entire school during a morning monthly meeting through deep breathing, mindful listening and a guided relaxation. That’s just what we did.

We created a line in front of 400 students and staff. One student held the breathing ball as the entire school inhaled and let out a beautiful exhale. Another student lead mindful listening, instructing the school to “please raise your hand when the sound stops for you”. After another friend guided the entire school community through a guided relaxation. We did a buffalo breath as we inhaled our shoulders up and exhaled our shoulders down. Then, our friend closed class with “peaceful thoughts, words and actions.”

Everyone went back to their classrooms and we all started our day with community, connection, deep breaths and a connection to our mind and body. It was a beautiful moment that I will treasure for the rest of my life.