Mindless Splinter

Being mindful!

OH how hard it can be to take the time to slow down. After creating content for our newsletter, I was carrying my computer from the kitchen to the living room and lifted my leg over a wooden baby gate for our dogs and BAM! The biggest splinter of my life that pierced through the pad of my heel leaving a pretty large open wound.

Why am I explaining this? I was not being mindful. I was busy trying to cook lunch, complete a newsletter, edit the website, take care of the dogs and connect with family all at once. Whether I was doing two of those things at once or 3085204569 of them at the same time, I was still not being mindful.

I am learning more and more that I have fallen into the trap of being mindless as I ‘get to’ cross things off my to do list rather than appreciating what I am experiencing in the current moment.

I can’t believe that I am saying this, but…. it is feeling like my to do list is taking precedence over family and friends and my self care.

Something has got to give, right? Well, I am typing this up while I eat my lunch, pet my dog and chat with my husband. My defense is that I am excited and passionate and I am also impulsive. I also have ADD making it very hard to get into the flow of my work once I get interrupted. I get overwhelmed quite easily so when I get to cross things off my to do list, it helps me feel less anxious.

What I have found is that a lot of this ‘mindfulness stuff’ comes down to self care. Being mindful means that you are taking the time to give yourself the presence of the moment. You are also being more kind hearted by giving someone else your undivided attention.

I have made a pact to myself that the second my work interrupts my family time, something has got to change. I am working on it as we speak— simplifying.

Perhaps splitting my heel open was a beautiful sign to SLOW DOWN, appreciate the moment and know that everything that needs to be done on that to do list, will…get…. done!!

Here’s to slowing down, taking the time to breathe deep when you step outside first thing in the morning, doing one thing at a time, truly tasting your food as you experience every bite and listening mindfully to family and friends.