High Blood Pressure

I was sitting at my co-working space and one of the members came up to my table. She expressed concern…”My blood pressure is 150/90! Do you know what I could do to lower it?”

Earlier that morning I ran across the 4/7/8 breathing technique. It reminded me how effective this breath is when you are feeling anxious, stressed or have high blood pressure.

I mentioned that breathing is an efficient way to lower her blood pressure- she also expressed that she had a very stressful weekend.

She sat down in a chair, closed her eyes and began to breathe in for 4 counts, held her breath for 7 counts and exhaled for 8.

It made me wish that I had this tool as a second nature strategy to help in moments like this.

Kids must be taught early on how to manage their emotions/bodies with tools that we all carry inside of us.

The time is now.