Change + Offerings


I am used to getting REALLY anxious when a change is about to happen. Don’t get me started about moving toward winter 🙂

I’m learning to figure out where my anxiety lives surrounding change and how I can better prepare.

Anxious about being cold?- Getting a warmer coat
Anxious about work?- Being more prepared
Anxious about life? – Flipping the script from negative self talk to positive

It’s really hard to sink into the present moment when it is HARD,  bringing myself back to the notion that all of life has its seasons and ‘this too shall pass’ seems to help.

If you are someone that feels anxious during change, you are not alone. When the breath is short with racing thoughts and shoulders tense feel free to try:

Inhaling deeply into your belly as you bring your shoulders up toward your ears

Exhale all the air out as you soften your shoulders, jaw, and face.

Repeat 3-5x.

Happy ALMOST fall, y’all!

With deep gratitude,


Teacher Training

Our upcoming Denver training happens October 12th and 13th from 11-5.
We would love to have you join!
More information

A Few of Our Colorado School Partners

We are excited to be offering our program this fall at:

  • Stanley British Primary School
  • The Manning School
  • Cory Elementary
  • Slavens Elementary
  • Montessori School of Denver
  • Highlands Academy
  • Elkhart Elementary
  • Park Hill Elementary
  • Bromwell Elementary
  • Samuels Elementary
  • Johnson Elementary
  • Axl Academy w/ Kids 24/7
  • Boys and Girls Club
  • Denver YMCA

Please feel free to reach out if you are interested in classes or trainings at your facility.

Happy September to you.
With deep gratitude,
Julie and the RB fam