The Present of Presence

Chestnuts remind me of being little, walking to school and the briskness of fall fast approaching.
When we were about 6, my best friend and I would go up to this one particular chestnut tree at the top of our street, collect chestnuts in our shirts (so we didn’t get poked by the spikes), shell and paint them. Then, after they dried, we would excitedly sell them door to do to our VERY KIND neighbors.
My mom just got back from her walk and brought me home a chestnut.. She said it was the only one that was still in its’ shell.

As I held it lightly in my hand, I got this excited feeling in my stomach like I was six again!

I opened it up and inside was a heart.
To me, it was a gift to remember to slow down, connect with nature & remember that my happiness lives in simplicity.

It also reminded me that inside of every pointy, spiky hard shell is a smooth, soft loving center. We all want to be connected and we all want to feel part of a community.

This was one of the best ‘presence’ I have ever receivedfullsizerender img_8736.