Anxiety on the Rise

I stumbled upon this article and felt compelled to write.

“These days, teenagers depend on their digital devices to form friendships, fight battles, argue, gossip and bully. All of which provide instances of pleasure or displeasure.”

It seems that this epidemic is becoming more and more talked about. With bullying & suicides on the rise, there is a deep need for more tools to help support this demographic. More and more people are realizing the importance of mindfulness.

Mindfulness is paying attention to your thoughts with kindness and curiosity. To me, mindfulness is creating a space so that there is an opportunity to respond rather than react. In this space lives the power to choose.

I watched a video on why mindfulness is a super power. It definitely makes sense– you have the power to choose– your thoughts, words and actions. That is a powerful gift!

I wish I had the opportunity to learn about mindfulness as a child, life would have been a lot easier. School was a huge trigger for me with my anxiety disorder. I cannot fathom adding social media to the mix with hormones along with the pace of life. Kids are being pushed to their maxes. Which looks different in each human.

The time is now to conquer this epidemic so the next generation can have a chance to respond rather than react.