A tool to respond rather than react

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If stress/anxiety is on the rise for you or your child/student, here is a 1 minute tip that helps calm the nervous system–encouraging a response rather than a reaction. Choose video 5 of 5.

 Video Curriculum 

For schools interested in implementing social-emotional learning and mindfulness into their day, we created 5 minute videos that have been researched by Regis and Denver University. After participating in our videos 3-5x a week for 8 weeks students showed an improvement in:

  • Interpersonal Strength: Ability to control emotions and behaviors in a social situation.
  • Involvement with Family: Participation and relationship with his or her family.
  • Intrapersonal Strength: Outlook on his or her competence and accomplishment.
  • Affective Strength: Ability to express feelings towards others and to accept affection from others.

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Kicking off Fall serving 19 schools 


We are excited to share stress management tools with students in 19 schools around the Denver area.
A few include:

  • McMeen Elementary (partnering with Denver Public Schools to gather data on quality programming)
  • Boys and Girls Club with Force Elementary 
  • Carson Elementary (7th year in partnership)
  • Park Hill Elementary (5th year in partnership)
  • Cory Elementary (4th year in partnership)


We are working with Ocean Avenue Elementary School to bring our video curriculum into 15 classrooms to ensure students are receiving mindfulness as part of their social-emotional learning objective.

After watching the videos one student said, “it was the safest I felt in weeks”.

If you are interested in a program at your school please reach out! We would love to hear from you!

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