75 Kindies!

Yesterday I had the opportunity to teach 75 Kindergarteners yoga at South Memorial School in Peabody, MA. They all gathered in the gym with their towels and blankets to create a circle.

I watched them set up their space with their innocent and smiley faces. The energy in the room was brimming with excitement and I could feel they were pumped to try something new!

I thought about how amazing it would be to encompass that feeling again– the bravery to jump in and explore without caring what other people might think, or getting stuck on if I knew what I was doing or not. Oh to be in Kindergarten again!

I wasn’t sure how class would go since 75 kids in one space is a lot, let alone kiddos who are learning about personal space at this age.

The class was so great!! The teachers were supportive, kind and involved. The kids were willing, engaged and excited!

One of the teachers after class said that she has a few students who could really use this work. Like one little friend who has a hard time self regulating, or another who has anxiety and cries when feel overwhelmed.

I am hearing more and more that kids are experiencing anxiety. It is my honor to be able to share tools that will help them self regulate and to provide tools to children who can’t sit still and are feeling impulsive. Everyone is doing the best they can, but I firmly believe that we are not all given the tools to thrive.

Watching 75 little kindergarten bodies soften and surrender in relaxation pose made me so incredibly happy. To build this community of grade levels and teachers. We aren’t just doing yoga poses together. We are sharing an experience to connect our minds, bodies and breath to be our best self.

With love and gratitude,