Rejuvenate Your Classroom

After Spring Break is a perfect time to offer your class a new and refreshing routine. Why not add a breath and or a mindful game to your morning or afternoon? To help calm/relax your class try the Quiet Breath, or to energize/ focus your class try the Lotus Breath. A quick round of Sneaky Statues or a Jazzy Jam Session will bring smiles to your class and help to focus to finish the day strong. Try any or all for 3 weeks to observe a new spark in your class.

Quiet Breath– Inhale through the nose, exhale “shhh” sound. (repeat three times)

Lotus Breath– Inhale three quick breaths, exhale sigh and smile. (repeat three times)

Sneaky Statues– One person tries to catch the ” moving statutes” doing yoga poses. That person says “saw that” and when they see a moving statute. The moving statue sits in yogi pose (crisscross applesauce hands on the knees) Last statue standing begins next round. No talking but laughing and smiles are encouraged

Jazzy Jam Session– Each person adds a sound at a time to create a fun beat. Then take away one sound at a time to appreciate each others sound. No talking but laughing and smiles are encouraged.

Author: JaMese Stepanek Instructor at Highlands Academy, Venture Prep and Centennial Expeditionary School