Belly Breathing

Happy April!

   This month we will be working on Belly Breathing. We have been placing fake candles on the tummies of our little yogis during relaxation. As they watch the candle during relaxation we are encouraging them to use their belly breath. Belly breath is when we bring the breath into our tummies to expand it like a balloon and then on the exhale we let our tummies soften. This allows our students to see how their breath can make objects rise and fall— how important their breath really is!

 Often people breathe into their chests rather than their belly. When we breathe into our belly it tells the brain that everything is ok. 

    Along with Belly Breathing we will be encouraging a breath that goes in through the nose and out though the nose/mouth— if they aren’t stuffed up of course. When we breathe in through the mouth it creates a fight/flight response like when we are scared or sad. 

Tip for home: When stopped at a red light take 3 deep belly breaths with your little yogi. In through the nose, out through the mouth.