AM Yoga “I’ve been practicing for 4 years!”

Today was the first AM class of the school year I had the pleasure of teaching. I have been teaching at Carson Elementary School for four years now-my first school to officially partner with. This session we have 15 excited little yogis practicing every Wednesday who range from Kindergarten through 5th grade.

I went around the circle this morning asking the kids to say their name, something they would like to show us they can do with their bodies, and how long they have been practicing yoga for. Some have been practicing for four years now! I am in complete awe of how much integrity, discipline and drive these kids have! They know the benefit of coming to school early, moving their bodies, breathing and relaxing. At the end of each class during relaxation, I have them focus on a word that they want to bring into their day. Something that would allow their day to become even smoother. We share the words that we create in our minds and bond over the opportunity to see how we are all connected. Whether we are in kindergarten or fifth grade, we all can move, breathe and connect together to ultimately feel the best we are capable of feeling.

 I am so grateful I get to wake up on Wednesday mornings and kick off my day with 15 little friends who inspire me!