3 good things

I have the privilege of teaching a few students at Denver Montclair International School who have been with me for 4 years now. One of those students age 7 wanted to share..

After talking about ways to calm ourselves down today in class, she wanted to share something called “3 good things.” She said, ‘Miss Julie, can I share with the class what I do before bedtime called ‘3 good things’?” I said, “Of course!” She explained that before she goes to bed she writes down the three best things that happened to her during the day. She was insistant on the need to write it down so you remember it!

I thought this idea was brilliant and so beneficial especially with everything that goes on in our day that may not be so ‘good.’ If we take this student’s advise and start our lives out with this routine and thought pattern, life seems like it would be a lot smoother. 

Grateful for teachable moments. Kids are often our best teachers!