Organic Kids Yoga Interview

Teaching kids yoga in Denver is a great way to spend the school year!  Then, I have the wonderful opportunity to nanny for a couple of my students over the summer time. I like to casually talk about yoga with the kids so there isn’t an ‘expected answer’ when a question is asked. 

All three kids participated in a week long yoga camp at ONE yoga in the Denver Tech Center. At the end of the week we rode bikes to a local shop and got some ice cream. As we were eating I casually asked the kids, “Why do you guys like yoga?” 

The response from my 9 year old friend, “I like yoga because it allows me to find my inner self. I am able to feel parts of me that I have never felt before.” I was blown away hearing a 9 year old talk about ‘finding her inner self.’ Radiant Beginnings classes are based upon mind, body and breath so that we can fluidly go into schools- We don’t talk about finding our inner selves. It confirms that when children and adults link breath, movement, focus and relaxation together, they are capable of learning more tools for empowerment than we ever plan on!

It made me think about how children are such natural yogis. As adults, we are trying to get back to the state of innocence, flexibility and openness that all children have.