Self-compassion when you need it the most


It’s Julie with Radiant Beginnings. If you are someone that struggles with anxiety, you know that the thoughts that you have are just nonstop it’s hard to break that cycle and create moments of pause or just slow thoughts moving in and moving out. I realized the other day when I am in the height of my anxiety I am the most unkind to myself. So I am learning a lot about self-compassion, and I realized that if I had known about the brain. If I had know about how the brain works, and how when you are in your fight or flight you literally cannot think clearly. Your mind goes blank. You cannot think clearly you might make mistakes and I used to beat myself up all the time. When I was in a state of overwhelm I would like…”oh you are so stupid, how did you do that … da da da da…” And now with this awareness of knowing what happens to the prefrontal cortex where you make decisions if that is shut down and you cant make a decision properly, then thats not your fault. You’re not stupid. You’re not any of the other mean things you are telling yourself. You simply cannot access the part of your brain involved in making a smart decision. So if you make a mistake try giving yourself some compassion and create some space between that instant reaction of being mean and unkind to yourself. It’s not your fault. If you are in fight or flight you are in a different sense of… You are just a different human in that moment, so be kind to yourself!


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