Mental Health


Each week I get to walk through the hallways just as the bell rings at a local middle school.

As I was walking down the stairs a flood of students were walking up. Some yelling, some walking silently and others with their eyes glued to their phones with ear buds in.

I saw the student on her phone with earbuds in today and thought… I totally get it. We need to be able to tune out distraction and release anxiety when we are constantly overstimulated- especially when the bell rings!

I enjoy teaching tweens/teens because they have a very clear voice on what they want to learn. Today I asked them what they wanted our last class to look like next week.

A few said watermelon and ice cream and then the girl next to me said, “I want to learn tools to manage stress and anxiety.”

The time is now.


Photo Courtesy of Unsplash: Carlos Martinez