“I just need a moment of pause!”

Do you ever feel like the day is going so fast with all the to-dos, meetings, texts and many other obligations that pull your attention in a million different directions? Do you feel scattered? Like your nervous system is buzzing?

It’s no surprise that youth do too! What is beautiful about this is that we all have the tools inside of us to calm ourselves down in uncomfortable situations. Imagine learning healthy coping strategies as a child that you could carry with you through your entire life?

Someone pushes you or cuts you off in traffic and instead of retaliating you get the opportunity to pause, breathe and then decide how you want to respond, rather than react. What a superpower!

With practice, we can build resilience, patience, compassion (to self and others) and so much more.

Schools are using our videos for their students and teachers. Parents are using them for themselves and their children to practice simultaneously.

After teaching yoga and mindfulness for the past 11 years, it was evident that youth were not the only ones looking for these tools- I would have teachers laying down on the rug with their students to get a taste of ‘pause.’

Below is a resource for you to try. It’s for you, for kids and designed to calm the nervous system with deep breathing, mindfulness, and guided relaxation.

If you are a teacher, many use our videos during morning meeting or before/after a transition. Feel free to give it a try- We would love to hear from you!

With deep gratitude,