Feeling stressed/anxious?

Over the past 8 months my anxiety disorder decided to pop up and send a killer message that she was back in charge! Accompanied with the anxiety, depression decided to make a guest appearance.

I picked up the phone to call the doctor to get on anti-depressants multiple times.

Something inside me said, don’t.

So I didn’t.

Every situation and every human is different— Here are some tools that helped me along the way.

1. The feelings that popped up were telling me something. I had to slow down and listen.

2. Self care was crucial for the reboot. Taking epsom salt baths forced me to let go and slow down.

3. Yoga, mindfulness, meditation— a consistent practice helped my mind, body and heart

4. Eating clean— I had to take out all caffeine and limit my sugar. I eliminated as much processed foods as possible. Alcohol was also a trigger— a hangover was a recipe for a panic attack.

5. Patience- When I was in the height of anxiety/stress it felt like it was going to last FOREVER. I needed to remind myself that ‘this too shall pass.’

6. I needed time to be alone. Grocery stores, malls and traffic were all triggers and would send my nervous system into overload.

7. Sometimes nothing will help and sitting in the discomfort was the only thing I could do- and that was ok… necessary for healing even when it felt like I was being helpless.

8. Monitoring my self talk- It was amazing how many mean things I would say to myself when anxiety was on the rise. I was never good enough. When I was able to slow down, I could discern if it was ego or truth.

9. Name it to tame it- I had to acknowlege/say when I was feeling overly anxious and what was genuinely going on in my mind. My partner is extremely compassionate and made me feel safe when  sharing what was going on in my body and mind.

10. Body work- My body was so incredible tight— I needed to massage my shoulders, neck, jaw, temples to work out some of the built up energy.

11. I needed to be ok asking for a hug, or help.

12. Hearing/reading that ‘happiness is a choice’ and ‘choose love over fear’ were triggering phrases. I wished it was that easy.

13. Truly understanding that everyone is fighting a battle I knew nothing about— some people suffer in silence and others suffer out loud. It was up to me to decide whether I would send someone who was unhappy love and kindness or take something personally.

14. Vitamin D and St. John’s wort helped me

15. Reiki and energy work helped when nothing else could.

16. Nature and fresh air.

If you are suffering, you are not alone and you are enough.

Thanks for reading. Here I am.

From my heart to yours,