Breathing for Anxious Times


I sincerely hope you are healthy and safe.

Below you will find some breathing techniques to calm overwhelmed children and at the same time tap into your parasympathetic nervous system to bring in some ease.

When we co-regulate, one person’s autonomic nervous system interacts with another person’s in a way that facilities greater emotional balance and physical health.

These are shared tools that can help calm the nervous system simultaneously.


  • Smell the flower— breathe out the candle

Take a deep breath in as you imagine smelling a beautiful flower, on the exhale slowly blow out a candle through pursed lips

Benefit: Helps relieve shortness of breath which happens when we have anxiety

  • Buffalo

Inhale through the nose as you bring your shoulders up toward your ears, exhale all the air out and let your shoulders drop and soften

Benefit: Releases physical tension in the shoulders where stress is stored and also taps into the parasympathetic nervous system when we take big huge breaths in and out

  • Lions

Inhale deeply through your nose as you exhale open mouth and eyes wide, stick out tongue, and roar as loud or soft as you would like.

Benefit: Let’s anger out of the body and releases built-up emotions. Tension can get stored in the jaw and tongue so this can help regulate body and mind.



Join us for our social distancing class tomorrow where we will put these breathing techniques into practice.

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Image by Alexas_Fotos from Pixabay