End of School Year

As I take a moment to reflect on the school year it leaves me with great joy, pride and excitement! We were able to empower infants through high school students around self regulation, stress management and self awareness. We truly believe that if there is ONE thing that our students can take away with them, it is the BREATH. I was teaching a group of preschoolers today and we discussed what it meant to be peaceful. We talked about feeling angry, sad, frustrated, excited. “If you feel yourself getting angry, you could hit someone, but that would be very nice right? Or, we could stop, take 3 deep belly breaths and then make a different decision… Either to walk away or use our words.” 

I realize that telling a preschooler this one time is not going to stick. However, a weekly reminder can plant the seed and create new patterns in their brain for their lifetime. It is a beautiful thing to see a child taking a moment to pause, breathe and then react. Something that I am working on myself! If I had these tools as a child perhaps my life would have been more peaceful as a child. My team and I are determined to do whatever we can to spread the importance of mind, body and breath!

With deep gratitude,