Mind Adventures: Beach

Stress management tool of the week:

Mind Adventures:

My husband Matt and I decided we needed a break from the city and headed up to Edwards, CO to collaborate on a project together.

Matt is a very talented musician (MusicbyMattNasi.com) so we decided to take our gifts and passion and team up to create “Mind Adventures.” Mind Adventures are guided imagery/relaxation audio scripts for you, your kids or students.

Parents, if you have kiddos that have trouble falling asleep, or you are looking for a relaxing way to bond with them, we encourage you to give this a try.

We tried our best to keep the content friendly for ages 4+ with the intention to release stress, calm the mind and create a peaceful environment for as many children as possible. 

Ok, enough already, let’s share our first one and help children reduce their stress!! With Thanksgiving upon us we wanted to find a way to thank you for your continued love and support.

Your feedback is always welcome and appreciated.

With deep gratitude,
   Julie Campilio