Frequently Asked Questions

  • What ages are these used with?

    Ages 4+. We designed every audio/video with the adult in mind.

  • Is it just for the classroom?

    No, our audio/video curriculum is for anyone looking to calm their nervous system. Classroom teachers, parents and caregivers are some of the demographics utilizing them.

  • Do I need yoga mats or an open space?

    No. They are designed to be done at a desk or chair. If you are utilizing the ‘active pack’ there is a mindful movement portion to it, so a little bit of space between desks is necessary but there is no need to rearrange a room.

  • Is there data behind these videos?
    Yes, research has been gathered by Charles Igel PhD with Regis University.
    We found an increase in:

    • Interpersonal Strength: Ability to control emotions and behaviors in a social situation.
    • Involvement with Family: Participation and relationship with his or her family.
    • Intrapersonal Strength: Outlook on his or her competence and accomplishment.
    • Affective Strength: Ability to express feelings towards others and to accept affection from others.

    We also partnered with Nicole Nicortera, PhD with Denver University's Masters of Social Work program. They found that after a semester of using our videos in conjunction with group wellness activities it increased Quality of Life scores for adults with an average age of 28.

  • What is the difference between the packs?
    • Active Pack includes mindful movement
    • Relaxed Pack can be done in the comfort of a chair
    • Trauma-Informed Pack is a fusion of audio/video for participants who don’t feel comfortable closing their eyes
    • Audio Pack consists of all audio tracks
  • How do I administer them?

    Just press play. If you are administering them for a group of people we recommend putting them on a projector or smart board.

  • How often should I use it to see benefits?

    Research shows that creating a consistent practice (3-5 times a week) will be more beneficial than using them periodically.

    However, we designed all the content to help calm the nervous system so if you are feeling off, they all focus on deep breathing, mindful awareness and guided relaxation to get you feeling back to your optimal self.

  • Who is Miss Julie? What is her background?

    You can learn more about Julie here

  • Will they help me learn ways to manage my own stress?

    Each video has different strategies/tools to bring into your life. Our goal is to give you different tools and techniques to bring into your everyday life.

  • More questions?

    Feel free to drop us a line. We would love to hear from you!