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Stress Management Solutions For A Variety Of Settings

We are dedicated to creating easy-to-use tools that help increase resiliency and mental health while reducing stress and anxiety through deep breathing techniques, mindfulness and guided imagery.

5 Minutes, Just Press Play

We help manage emotions and minimize stress for both caregivers and the person being cared for. Every 5 minute video shares a new stress management tool to ensure participants are learning healthy coping strategies in the moment and beyond.

10 Years Of Experience & Research

For the past decade, we have been delivering effective deep breathing techniques, mindfulness and guided imagery to people without prior experience. Partnering with Regis and Denver University, we found a significant improvement in social-emotional skills and well-being.

Data-driven Curricula & Real Results

  • Deep breathing techniques - Activate the body’s natural relaxation response to boost mood and wellbeing
  • Mindfulness - When focusing our attention on the present moment, mindfulness counteracts anxiety
  • Guided Imagery - The use of relaxation and mental visualization to improve mood and/or physical well-being

Social-Emotional Learning For The Classroom

An evidence-based self-regulation tool for the whole child. Our ‘just press play’ curriculum is proven to increase focus, self-control, attitudes and self-awareness in K-5 classrooms. We designed this trauma-informed video series to promote executive skills necessary for academic success and social-emotional health. Each video is approximately five minutes and shares a different breath technique, mindful moment and guided relaxation in each 5 minute lesson. The skills learned in the video can be transferred to the classroom environment and beyond.

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Calming Strategies for ages 4+

A self-soothe tool for adults and children to do separately or together. Miss Julie struggles with an anxiety disorder. After ten years of teaching yoga and mindfulness in schools and partnering with therapists, teachers and researchers, she developed a tool to help people who also struggle. Data driven deep breathing techniques, mindfulness and guided relaxation will help participants relax and slow the mind. All audio/videos bring self-awareness and deep breathing together for stress resilience strategies.

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Stress Management Support For Caregivers

Our videos help nourish your body and mind whether you want to use them as a brain break, or participate alongside your patient/client/partner. Each audio or video will help calm your nervous system and slow your mind as part of a self-care routine. Through deep breathing techniques, mindfulness (movement is optional) and guided relaxation, each video is intended to calm your nervous system and slow your mind to replenish and renew.

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See What Students and Teachers Are Saying About Radiant Beginnings

We are always interested in both the student and teacher perspective with our youth programs. In coordination with the University of Denver & Regis University, we conducted a study on the efficacy of this program in a school setting. Overall, students showed an increase in social-emotional development and an improved quality of life while teachers saw a huge improvement in behavior. Check out the video interviews from students and teachers that were a part of this study.

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    See what students had to say about their experiences with our in-class video program.

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    Teachers react to the impact on class attention and behavior when using our in-class video program.


Professional Development & Coaching

Participants will learn strategies to calm their nervous system in a supportive and nurturing environment. Through data-driven techniques and experiential learning, We will develop a holistic toolkit for stress relief to enhance quality of life in participants and the people they are serving.

We wholeheartedly value our partnerships. Our coaching services offer a deeper level of support to improve client outcomes in social emotional learning and stress relief. Building authentic connections is our highest priority which encourages clients to feel nurtured and supported toward reaching their goal.

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