We believe every human should have access to stress management & self-regulation tools

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Stress Management Solutions For A Variety Of Settings

Our vision is to increase self-awareness and resiliency through deep breathing,
mindfulness and guided relaxation.


Anxiety & Stress Support for ages 4+

A self-soothe tool for adults and children to do separately or together. Miss Julie struggles with an anxiety disorder. After ten years of teaching yoga and mindfulness in schools and partnering with therapists, teachers and researchers, she developed a tool to help people who also struggle. Data driven deep breathing techniques, mindfulness and guided relaxation will help participants relax and slow the mind. All audio/videos bring self-awareness and deep breathing together for stress resilience strategies.

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Social-Emotional Learning For The Classroom

An evidence-based self-regulation tool for the whole child. Our ‘just press play’ curriculum is proven to increase focus, self-control, attitudes and self-awareness in K-5 classrooms. We designed this video series to promote executive skills necessary for academic success and social-emotional health. Each video is approximately five minutes and shares a different breath technique, mindful moment and guided relaxation in each 5 minute lesson. The skills learned in the video can be transferred to the classroom environment and beyond.

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Stress Management Support For Caregivers

Our videos help nourish your body and mind whether you want to use them as a brain break, or participate alongside your patient/client/partner. Each audio or video will help calm your nervous system and slow your mind as part of a self-care routine. Through deep breathing techniques, mindfulness (movement is optional) and guided relaxation, each video is intended to calm your nervous system and slow your mind to replenish and renew.

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Professional Development & Coaching

12 hour trainings equip participants with lifelong tools useful for handling inevitable challenges and stressors in everyday life. We create relationships in which a client feels cared for and is therefore able to access and implement new knowledge successfully.

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Our vision is for strong and resilient students to have adequate access to mindfulness tools that reduce stress.

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